On DVD! ROBERT PATRICK’s Show-and-Tell Lecture on “CAFFE CINO : The Birthplace of Gay Theatre” ALSO: Novel and Autobiography, both on CD.

Noted L.A. Monologist, HARRY HART-BROWNE, says: “BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL I LOVE YOUR LECTURE. Thank you so much for doing it. So many plays and people and history and details I had not known about. Fabulous photos! Such a rich and sparkling legacy. Truly holy. Bless you all. You are such a gifted speaker. Totally fascinating and entertaining. You endure, dear Robert Patrick O’Connor, unlike cream of celery soup and striped toothpaste! Much love.”

DUANE OTIS BOYER says: I have seen this lecture twice in person and once on video, it is remarkable look into the beginnings of off off broadway and ‘gay’ theater, and Mr Patrick delivers it with humor, deep insight and bombastic energy.

WILLIAM MANN of GayTheatre.Com says: I didn’t know this man at all. This man I’ve seen posting in cyberland forever. I didn’t know his talent. I didn’t know his past. I certainly didn’t know his history…and what I really didn’t comprehend was that this ‘history’ was not only pertinent to the generations that followed…but as a gay man involved in the theater, this history was
pertinent to ME!

photo: Koby Hall

ROBERT PATRICK with a unique collection of large images from the early days of independent theatre tells the rich tale of the first Off-Off Broadway theatre AND the first gay theatre, the Caffe Cino (NYC 1958-1968). This DVD may be purchased for $15.15, from Robert Patrick 1837 N. Alexandria Ave., #211, L.A. CA 90027, or e-mail rbrtptrck@aol.com. Price includes Priority postage anywhere in the U.S.A. 58 min.  Mailed the mnute your check clears. ROBERT PATRICK is also available to come to your groups and do the lecture live, for travel expenses and a modest fee.


(2) a CD of my autbiography in the form of film critiques FILM MOI >>> HERE<<<


(3) a PAPERBACK of  TEMPLE SLAVE, my romaticized novel about the early days of Off-Off Broadway (annotated), >>>HERE<<<

5 Responses to “On DVD! ROBERT PATRICK’s Show-and-Tell Lecture on “CAFFE CINO : The Birthplace of Gay Theatre” ALSO: Novel and Autobiography, both on CD.”

  1. RESUME/Links to Online Works « Robert Patrick's Personal Blog Says:

    […] https://robertpatrickpersonal.wordpress.com/2010/04/04/lecture-on-dvd-caffe-cino-the-birthplace-of-ga… […]

  2. Joe Gage » Event Says:

    […] It may also be purchased here: https://robertpatrickpersonal.wordpress.com/2010/04/04/lecture-on-dvd-caffe-cino-the-birthplace-of-ga… […]

  3. Robert Says:

    Your valuable information and expertise on Caffe Cino is the kind of information that is slipping away each and every day. We are glad to know more about Caffe Cino and where it stood in GLBT and theater history.

  4. The Green Hornet Says:

    Hey thank you for the wonderful article it had been genuinely useful , I hope you will just publish additional about this ! This topic rocks


    […] https://robertpatrickpersonal.wordpress.com/2010/04/04/lecture-on-dvd-caffe-cino-the-birthplace-of-ga… […]

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