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  1. Eric Krebs Says:

    Loved it from top to bottom. Thank you Robert

    Eric Krebs, “the last espresso machine runner at the Cino”

    • Robert Says:

      Oh, Eric, hello, hello. I’m going to be in the Bronx Wednesday taping a TV show for an educational channel. Imagine me being educational!!!! How I wish there was a photo of you in the Cino, “the last Captain of the Caine,” as it were.

  2. Jim Gossage Says:

    Like Eric said, great from top to bottom. Thanks Bob.

  3. Claris Nelson Says:

    Thanks Bob for all the lovely posters, what a wonderful trip through those lovely days of yore. I am even in there as Mae Durnhelm! Claris Nelson

  4. Story Talbot (Medicine Story) Says:

    Fantastic! I’d forgotten so many of the great plays this recalls -not Wilson’s, but Eyen and Heide and Patrick and the inimitable Koutoukas, but a special treat to see the posters for my HERRENGASSE because I have forgotten the names of some of the players, and SOMETIME JAM TODAY because of the photo of my and late wife Lise Beth. Unfortunately all my memorabilia – and all my scripts, have been lost, so this is a treasure. – F.Story Talbot (Medicine Story)

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